Covid-19: Shinning The Spotlight On E-Commerce


Corona Virus has undisputedly impacted our tedious lives in various ways. Employers now work from home, learners and educators now interact through online schools and E-commerce is now moving to centre stage.

What is E-Commerce?

E-Commerce is the abbreviated form of Electronic Commerce. It enables sellers and consumers to successfully trade virtually through your mobile phone or desk top computer. E-Commerce expands the vastness of items that can be purchased as there are generally no geographical constraints.

In 2019 E-Commerce in South Africa reached 1.4% of the total retail sales valued at R14 Billion which is a considerably large amount of online transactions.

Advantages of E- Commerce

E-commerce has succeeded in enabling online traders to reach a much wider market as apposed to brick and mortar stores which is limited to their geographical location. 

It guarantees much higher quality of services and trade compared to mundane, physical trade.

Subsequently, decreases employee wages for companies as majority of the human elements and operations are now applied virtually.

Most E-Commerce platforms strive to make online shopping as concise and comprehendible as possible, for shoppers, making it user- friendly, safe, and seamless.

Make trades and transactions at the speed of lightening with direct check-out points.

Aspire to get the items of your dreams by adding them to your wishlist

Payments are secure and can be made through numerous payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard, EFT, gift vouchers or even monthly installments to execute the purchase.

Delivery is efficient and reliable. Items are usually delivered to your doorstep within 2 to 5 working days.

E-Commerce during Covid 19

Many counties around the globe are now resorting to E-Commerce to solve their trade and transactional needs. E-Commerce is flourishing as the safest, most effective form of trade during these crucial times.

During Corona Virus pandemic, E-Commerce is guaranteed to spike as online shoppers now use E-Commerce to purchase necessities. Fundamental items, such as groceries and pharmaceutical products are now being purchased online, on a large scale. Analysts have estimated E-Commerce to reach R20 Billion, in 2020, in South Africa.

It minimizes the amount of contact between buyers and sellers as:

There is no contact during the process of handling cash-notes or credit cards as this component of the trading procedure is done online. The goods are specially packaged and are directly transported to the location of purchase. Many merchants are now providing contactless delivery. 


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